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Farming Operations


The first investment was in a former state farm in Hungary in 1998, a 1000 hectare farm at Ikrény in the north west, near the city of Györ. The farm consisted of excellent arable land, a small dairy herd with good buildings and a poorly equipped milking parlour. Additional private land quickly increased the farmed area, including 800hectares at Egervár, near the western town of Zalaegerszeg.

Today the main Hungarian operating company, Inicia Zrt grows 150 hectares of irrigated potatoes, with a potato storage facility of some 5,000 tonnes and a purpose built pack house where potatoes from our own farm and other local producers are packed for Tesco Hungary and other retail customers.

The dairy herd of 850 Holstein cows plus followers, now milked through a new parlour, primarily supplies the Hungarian liquid milk market. Straw, maize, silage and whole crop wheat is grown to feed the herd.

Arable cropping over 2,200hectares includes maize, wheat, triticale, rye and sunflowers.


In early 2006 the company purchased a former state farm near the village of Srpska Crnja on the north eastern border with Romania, in the renowned Vojvodina region of Serbia.

With recent additions the farm now extends to almost 1470 hectares.

The Serbian farm grows arable crops, principally, wheat, maize and sunflowers in excellent, water retentive soils. In addition the business owns and manages a 25,000 tonne grain store, drying and storing our own grain and providing the same service to other local growers.


In 2007 the company entered a share farming arrangement to farm in the Ternopil Oblast in the west of Ukraine. Some 850 hectares is rented from numerous small landowners.

The farm is in a number of large blocks between Zbarash and Ternopil in rolling countryside with varying soil types.

The land has been sown with wheat, oilseed rape and maize for harvest in 2013.


In addition the company provides contracting services to local farmers.

As with all Magyar Farming operations we employ a local workforce and offer on-the-job specialist training. All operations are overseen by a professional locally based management team who report directly to the Managing Director.




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