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Arable News from Hungary

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Arable Update 18/12/2008


When I last updated the major priority was to finish the potato harvest.  I’m happy to inform you that the weather stayed favourable and harvesting and store filling were completed by the 25th October.  Currently the potatoes are still being packed at the old packing store.  The new line is now near complection with just finishing touches to be carried out, by tomorrow the first potaotes should be packed at the new store.


On the arable side of the farm all winter drilling has now been completed, a total of 600 ha has been drilled, consisting of, 475ha of w wheat, 25 ha of w barley and 100ha of triticale.  The maize harvest has been slow due to wet weather but yields have been good with the average yield looking to be around 8.5 tonnes/ha.  The harvest is not quite finished, their is 50 ha of combining left to do, as soon as the weather comes right this will finished off.  The remainder of the arable land has now all been cultivated in preperation for spring cropping.