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Arable Update

We are in the process of completing a new workshop and a 5,000 tonne potato store with packing and grading facilities. This store is now being filled with this seasons’ crop and over the next two weeks we hope to set up the packing and grading facilities.

Our major priority at the present time is the potato harvest. We have harvested 100 ha to date leaving 25 ha to harvest. If the weather stays favourable we should be finished in the next two weeks. Yields have been very good this season, which may lead to a shortage of storage, but hopefully fingers crossed we will have enough room in the new store and an old store which has a capacity of 900 tonnes.

The sunflower harvest is finished and we now have the maize to combine. The ex sunflower land is quickly being turned around and drilled with winter wheat, we have drilled 300 ha to date. We have 100 ha worth of triticale seed to drill before we return to drilling wheat.

Over the next two weeks the plan is to finish the potato harvest and winter cereal drilling and to plough the ground in preparation for the potatoes. Once all the field work has been completed we have the task of moving all of our machinery and equipment to our new workshop.